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£150 Energy Bills Rebate

Last updated 29.06.22 11:10

The Council Tax Rebate - £150 Energy Payments

Following the Chancellor’s announcement on 3 February 2022, eligible households in England will receive a £150.00 rebate from April 2022.

Which scheme do I apply for?
The £150 Council Tax Rebate (also known as the Energy Bills Rebate) is broken down into two schemes.

  • The mandatory scheme covers households in bands A-D who are eligible for payment (see below).
  • The discretionary scheme is an additional fund designed to support residents who are not eligible for the mandatory scheme (predominantly households in bands E-H). View this information near the bottom of this page.


Mandatory Scheme Eligibility

You must be liable for the Council Tax bill at the property on 1 April 2022 to be eligible for the rebate. You will still be eligible if you receive 100% Council Tax Support, or where you are exempt from paying Council Tax under class N, S, U or W.

Only one payment will be made per household, regardless of the number of occupants or liable council taxpayers and the payment is intended to support all members of the household.

N.B. Empty homes or second homes are not eligible to receive a rebate.

You can read the full guidance at Council Tax Rebate Billing Authority Guidance | GOV.UK


Mandatory Scheme Payment

The payments will be made to the person shown as the liable Council Tax payer on the Council’s records and will be released on the assumption that the property met the criteria set out above on 1 April 2022.  If you have had a change of circumstances that will affect your entitlement (e.g. a change of address), you must contact the Council immediately to notify us of this.

If you are an eligible non-Direct Debit payer, or an eligible Direct Debit payer who has not yet received payment, you should now complete an application online.


Mandatory Scheme Application

Before starting your application, please read the information below.

  • You will need to have your bank details and property reference number to hand. Your property reference number can be found on the Valuation Office website under the column ‘Local Authority Reference Number’ - please do not ring the Council for this information.
  • In line with Central Government guidance, Councils are required to undertake ID checks before paying grant to any customer who is not a Direct Debit payer - this is to prevent fraud. 
  • To ensure payments reach residents quickly, we are working with a third-party provider – TransUnion Credit Bureau - to automate these checks. 
  • When you complete the form, you will be asked to consent to these checks - you will not be able to complete your application without agreeing to this.
  • The ID check will verify that you are registered at the property address and that you are the named party on the bank account supplied for payment. This check will not affect your credit rating and TransUnion Credit Bureau will not give the Council access to any of your financial information.
  • We are expecting a high volume of applications, so to help us work through these and make payments as quickly as possible, please do not contact us to follow up assessment of your application unless you have not heard from us after 1 month of applying.

Mandatory Scheme - APPLY NOW

If you have an overdraft
If you currently have an overdraft and you want to make sure the rebate payment is made available to pay your energy bills instead of clearing your overdraft, you need to ask your bank. This is called your 'right of appropriation' and the National Debtline website explains how to do this.

Mandatory Scheme Details
Full details of the scheme can be found in this document:  Castle Point - Council Tax Rebate Mandatory Scheme.pdf 226KB


Discretionary Scheme Application

If you are not eligible for the mandatory discretionary scheme, you may be eligible for the discretionary scheme. Our discretionary scheme is designed to support residents predominantly in bands E-H or those who can provide evidence of exceptional hardship.

Discretionary Scheme - APPLY NOW


Valuation Band Enquiries

If you want to request a review of your Council Tax band, you will need to explain why you believe your current band is incorrect and provide supporting evidence. Any retrospective change to the band of your property is unlikely to affect your eligibility to the £150.00 payment.

Please note: a review could also lead to an increase in your band


Further Information on Valuation Bands
Further information about the Valuation of your property can be found at Council Tax Bands | GOV.UK

The Valuation Office Agency has also recently published an article for customers setting out the circumstances in which they will undertake a band review and the evidence that you will need to provide. 

This can be found at Challenging Your Council Tax Band | GOV.UK News