Aims, Objectives and Priorities

Public Health and Wellbeing

We will work closely with residents, local businesses and our partners to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour. We will work to improve the wellbeing and health of our community by improving our leisure and recreational facilities and by working with our partners to promote healthy living. We will work closely with the voluntary sector to provide essential services for those facing difficulties in this challenging economic climate through debt advice and support.


We want to see well maintained parks and open spaces, and streets that are clean and free from litter, refuse, graffiti and fly posters. We want to improve and maximise any positive impacts on the environmental quality of the Borough by encouraging a reduction in waste production and participation in our recycling services as well as promoting energy efficiency. We will continue to promote our services and facilities and to ensure that outsourced services or facilities maintained by voluntary groups are delivered to the required contract standard or in accordance with the approved management plans.

Tansforming our Community

We aim to transform our community to ensure we provide a sustainable future for all who live, work and play in the Borough. We will do this by setting the right planning framework in place, in consultation with our community, which allows for a sustainable future and the regeneration of town centres. We will also contribute to the regeneration of the Borough by ensuring our services are fit for purpose now and in the future. We will work with the community and with partners to develop community resilience and to help the community help itself.

Efficient and Effective Customer Focused Services

Council services must be as lean as possible with as little bureaucracy as necessary. We will achieve this by reviewing our services and will explore working practices and utilise new technology to maximise efficiency and working practices. We will seek to provide services in the most cost effective way and will work with partners in the private, public and with the wider community to secure the best value for money service provision.