Appealing against your Rateable Value

How to Appeal against your rateable value

You can click, find and review your rateable value on the VOA’s website.  If you have reason to believe that your 2017 rateable value is not correct, follow the instructions provided on the site.  You will need to do the following (not available until 1 April 2017):

An appeal on your 2017 rateable value is not possible, and may not be necessary, until you have completed CHECK and CHALLENGE.

For appeals against the 2010 rateable value visit business rate appeals  

You can contact the VOA at If you are unable to use the online service you can also contact the VOA on 03000 501 501

Do I need to pay the Business Rates whilst an appeal is ongoing ?

Even if you appeal against your rateable value, by law you must continue to pay your rates. if you are successful and get a reduction in your rateable value that results in an overpayment, you will receive interest at the rate set by the Government. However, if we have had to take formal legal action against you because you have not paid your rates, we will not pay any interest.

Do I need a Rating Adviser ?

Beware of 'cowboy' Business Rate advisers, who claim to be able to get reductions for you, especially if they ask for money first. Many businesses across the country have been misled by these people.
Remember, you can either appeal against your rateable value yourself at no cost, or you can employ a reputable firm of chartered surveyors.