Attendance of the Mayor at functions

To ensure that proper arrangements are made for the Mayor’s attendance, organisers are asked to take careful note of the following:-


The organisers are particularly requested to ensure that the Mayor is met upon arrival and looked after appropriately during the visit. A mobile telephone number for the person responsible at the function should be provided prior to the visit.


Organisers may not be aware that the Mayor, as first Citizen of Castle Point, is entitled to precedence in all places and on all occasions within the borough boundaries. Accordingly, the Mayor should be given first place at all times and, on formal occasions, should be seated on the immediate right of the Chairman or other person presiding. The Mayoress, Escort or Consort should be seated on the immediate right of the Mayor.

(The Deputy Mayor, when acting for the Mayor, should be accorded the same precedence)

Forms of Address

As the question of the correct way to address the Mayor is often raised, it may be helpful to set out the following:

  • The Civic Head of the Borough is known as the Mayor (whether the office is held by a male or female). In direct speech it is correct to use “Mr. Mayor” or “Madam Mayor”, according to gender.
  • If introducing the Civic Head, it should be as “The Mayor of Castle Point, Councillor …………………..”
  • It may be helpful to clarify that the courtesy title of “Mayoress” is given to the Mayor’s lady companion. It would be a mistake to use this term in connection with a lady Mayor.

If there are any queries concerning procedures and protocol, please contact the Mayor’s Office who will be delighted to assist.


Brief details of the Mayor’s engagements are provided to the media on a weekly basis. However, it should be noted that the press will not automatically follow the Mayor to every event. If you wish for press coverage, it is advisable to contact them direct.


We would be pleased to receive copies of any digital photographs taken at events attended by the Mayoral Party, these can be emailed to


Guidance - Attendance of The Mayor at Functions[pdf] 125KB