Bailiff/Enforcement Office FAQ's


I haven't paid the Enforcement Agent what happens next?

You will be sent a Means Enquiry Summons. Unlike a Summons for a Liability Order you are required to attend the Court Hearing.

What if I enter into a Controlled Goods Agreement with the Enforcement Agent and then don't pay?

As the Council legally owns the goods listed on the Controlled Goods Agreement, they are able to remove them from your property and place them in an Auction. They are able to use a locksmith to gain access to your property. If a car is removed, they will hire a low loader. All such actions will become chargeable to you and will increase the amount that you owe.

What if I don't answer the door to the Enforcement Agent?

The Enforcement Agent can take control of your goods outside the home such as a car. They have to take to ensure that the vehicle is yours and is not subject to a Hire Purchase Agreement

Alternatively they will return the Liability Order to the Council marked 'Nulla Bona' - no goods or unable to view goods. The next stage would be the Council's application for your committal to Prison.

Will I pay extra costs for the Enforcement Agent coming round?

When the Liability Order is passed to the Enforcement Agent you will be charged a compliance fee of £75.00 and efforts will be made to contact you with a view to entering into a payment arrangement. If this proves unsuccesful and the Enforcement Agent visits your property you will be charged a fee of £235.00 (minimum). The Enforcement Agent will be looking for full payment or to enter into a Controlled Goods Arrangement (this is where goods are listed as security agaist the debt)

If the Enforcement Agent comes round do I have to let them in?

It is an offence to obstruct an Enforcement Agent while they are executing their duty. Enforcement Agents will show you identification and explain why they are calling on you.

How to appeal against the Council Tax

Please tell us if you think your bill is wrong. For example, you may not live in the property or own it. If you think you are not responsible for paying Council Tax, please tell us first so that we can put things right. If we do not agree, you can then appeal to the Valuation Tribunal.

To appeal, please write to:

Valuation Tribunal,
2nd Floor,
Black Lion House,
Whitechapel Road,
London E1 1DU

Or telephone 020 7426 3939).

You can also visit their website at:

You will still have to pay your Council Tax while the Valuation Tribunal is considering your appeal.

If your appeal is successful we will give you a refund if you have paid too much Council Tax.