Canvey Seafront Masterplan

A draft masterplan outlining a future vision for Canvey Seafront has been developed by professional architects Bell Phillips Architects.  The designs can be viewed below.

The process for development of the masterplan has included extensive consultation with key stakeholders representing local businesses and community groups from Canvey.  The masterplan has been through initial reaction testing with the public through face-to-face drop-in sessions that took place on the 7th and 8th December at the Knightswick Centre and Canvey Library.  The aim of this exercise was to undertake preliminary testing of the new vision with the public before proceeding to a more comprehensive engagement process. 

The reaction to the vision presented at the drop-in sessions was overwhelmingly positive.  The results of polling showed that almost 90% of people approved of the new vision (of the remainder, 2.6% of people did not want any change to the seafront and 7.8% of people wanted to see an alternative vision).

As a result of this early engagement, CPBC is now moving forward with a more lengthy engagement process.  Once detailed feedback from the first consultation has been considered and addressed, we expect the next stage of consultation to commence in January 2018 for one month with a display at Waterside Farm.

Development of a detailed vision that has widespread public support is crucial for the regeneration of Canvey and a pre-requisite to underpin any future requests for government funding.

We welcome feedback on the Masterplan - please email comments to

Canvey Seafront Masterplan - Artist Image 1

Canvey Seafront Masterplan - Artist Impression 1

Canvey Seafront Masterplan - Artist Impression 2

Canvey Seafront Masterplan - Artist Impression 3

Canvey Seafront Masterplan - Artist Impression 4