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Chief Executive

Chief Executive Angela Hutchings

Chief Executive:- Angela Hutchings
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The Chief Executive is the senior officer who leads and takes responsibility for the work of the paid staff of the Council, who run the local authority on a day-to-day basis.  The role of Chief Executive is a full-time appointment; it is the highest paid officer role and is responsible for selecting, appointing and managing the staff.


At the Annual Council Meeting on Wednesday 18th May 2022, Council confirmed the appointment of Angela Hutchings to the post of Chief Executive and Head of Paid Service.  Angela takes up her appointment on 1stJuly 2022.

Political Affiliations

By law, the Chief Executive is not allowed to participate in any party-political activity and is expected to advise and assist all councillors irrespective of their political affiliation.

Job Description

The complex nature of the role and the wide breadth of service areas mean that the role of a local government Chief Executive is highly specialized.  Typically only somebody with extensive and unique local government experience is suitable for the role.

As Head of the Paid Service, the Chief Executive works closely with 41 elected Councillors for Castle Point to deliver the following:

  • Leadership: working with elected Councillors to ensure strong and visible leadership and direction, encouraging and enabling managers to motivate and inspire their teams
  • Strategic Direction: ensuring all staff understand and adhere to the strategic aims of the organisation and follow the direction set by the elected Councillors
  • Policy Advice: acting as the principal policy adviser to the Council to lead the development of workable strategies which will deliver the political objectives set by the councillors
  • Partnerships: leading and developing strong partnerships across the local community to achieve improved outcomes and better public services for local people
  • Operational Management: overseeing financial and performance management, risk management, people management and change management within the Council