Booking codes

All activities  have a booking code for either Waterside Farm Leisure Centre and Runnymede Leisure Centre and for many sports clubs based at our facilities.  These  codes relate to our clubs and activities listed below. Please remember to refer to the adjacent list of codes to find the number to call to book the activity.

Contact list

Booking code Activity Email Phone
WFLC Waterside Farm leisure Centre 01268 694342
RLC Runnymede Leisure Centre 01268 756514
Bubble Bubble Football   0800 1223176
PSCAMPS Progressive Sports 07919073930
LBadminton Ladies Badminton 07948 394126
Netball Ladies Netball  
Phoenix Phoenix Karate 01268 681927/ 07480308324
BRunClub Benfleet Running Club 01268 692245
Fit-4-Sport Southend United 01702 341351
RSClub Runnymede Leisure Centre 07815378578
CSClub Canvey Island Swimming Club 07953 289170
Westwood Westwood Karate  01702 479197
Judo Island Judo  01268 693288
Tennis JW Tennis Academy Jack Wollcott 07702839337
Futsal Greg Regan  
Cyrano Cyrano Fencing Anne Hanrahan 01268 759258
Shuibin Jiujitsu Shuibin Jiujitsu Academy   Alan Humm 07970770098
Int Shinkendo Int Shinkendo Org 07932 615818
Tri Club Tri Club  
6-a-side 6-a-side leagues text 07917 134798
Leisure leagues leisure leagues 0333 1232340


Clubs and activities

Activity Age Day Time Facility Cost Booking Code
Progressive Sports - School holiday camps 4-11 years School Holidays 10.00-15.00 WFLC £13 per day PSCAMPS
Bubble football parties 18 yrs+ - - WFLC - Bubble
Gymnastics 5-6yrs Monday 17.00-18.00 WFLC Course WFLC
Gymnastics 6-9yrs Monday 18.00-19.00 WFLC Course WFLC
Ladies Netball Adults Tuesday 19.00-20.00 WFLC £5 Netball
Walking Netball Adults Friday 10.00-11.00 WFLC £2 WFLC
Walking Football Adults Saturday 10.30-12.00 WFLC £2 WFLC
Ladies Badminton Adults Wednesday 10.30-12.30 WFLC - LBadminton
Badminton 7-9yrs Wednesday 18.00-19.00 WFLC Course WFLC
Phoenix Karate   Sunday 10.00-11.00 WFLC - Phoenix
Benfleet Running Club   Monday 20.00-21.00 WFLC Course BRunClub
Benfleet Running Club   Friday 09.30-10.30 WFLC Course BRunClub
Fit-4-Sport with Southend United 11-17yrs Tuesday 16.00-18.00 WFLC Free NBR
Fit-4-Sport with Southend United 11-17yrs Thursday 16.00-18.00 WFLC Free NBR
Runnymede Swimming Club Various Various Various RLC   RSClub
Canvey Swimming Club Various Various Various WFLC   CSClub
Westwood Karate   Tuesday 17.00-18.00 WFLC   Westwood
Westwood Karate   Friday 17.00-18.00 WFLC   Westwood
Island Judo   Thursday 18.30-20.00 WFLC   Judo
JW Tennis Academy 3-10yrs Sunday 9.00-10.45 WFLC   Tennis
Family just play sports court hire x2 adults x3 children Weekends and school holidays 8.00-17.00 WFLC £10 NBR
Family Splash x2 adults x2 children Saturday 14.00-16.00 RLC £10 NBR
Family Splash x2 adults x2 children Sunday 11.00-13.00 WFLC £10 NBR
Seevic student free swimming Students Tuesday 09.00-17.00 RLC free NBR
Cyrano fencing   Wednesday 19.30-22.00 WFLC   Cyrano
Cyrano fencing   Sunday 10.30-13.30 WFLC   Cyrano
Shuibin Jiujitsu Academy   Tuesday 19.00-22.00 WFLC   Shuibin Jiujitsu
Int Shinkendo Org   Wednesday 20.00-21.00 WFLC   Int Shinkendo
Tri Club   Monday 20.30-21.30 RLC   Tri Club
6-a-side league   Wednesday 20.00-22.00 WFLC   6-a-side
Leisure leagues   Thursday 20.00-22.00 WFLC   Leisure leagues
Champion Soccer leagues   Monday 20.00-22.00 WFLC   Champion Soccer
Greg - Futsal   Saturday 10.00-12.00 WFLC   Futsal