Committee Membership

Council Leaders

Mayor: Councillor Colin Riley
Deputy Mayor: Councillor Mrs Pat Haunts
Leader of the Council: Councillor Norman Smith
Deputy Leader of the Council: Councillor Jeffrey Stanley
Chief Executive: David Marchant


Council Membership : All Members are summoned to attend

Cabinet Membership
Councillor N.G Smith  (Chairman) Leader of the Council.
Councillor J. Stanley  (Vice Chairman) Deputy Leader of the Council - Finance, Policy and Resources.
Councillor C. Mumford Regeneration & Business Liaison.
Councillor A. Sheldon Commercial Contracts & Commercial Opportunity.
Councillor S. Hart Streets, Waste, Floods and Water Management.
Councillor P. Varker Environment & Leisure.
Councillor G. Isaacs Neighbourhoods and Safer Communities.
Councillor Mrs B. Egan Housing & Council Homes.
Councillor C. MacLean Health & Wellbeing.
Councillor W. Johnson Youth & Tourism.


Scrutiny Committee
Conservative: Councillors: Mrs Blissett, Cutler, Dick, Sharp, Skipp
Canvey Independent: Councillors:  Blackwell, Greig, Tucker
Chairman: Councillor Blackwell



Councillors: Cole, Sharp, Mrs Thornton
    Substitutes - Cllrs Mumford, Skipp

Canvey Independent: Councillors: Blackwell, May
    Substitutes - Cllrs Acott, Thomas
Chairman: Councillor Cole


Policy and Scrutiny Groups

Conservative: Councillors: Cross, Ms Drogman, E Egan, Mrs Haunts, Skipp, Walter
Canvey Independent: Councillors: Anderson, Palmer, Mrs Payne, Thomas
Chairman: Councillor Ms Drogman
Conservative: Councillors: Mrs Blissett, Cutler, Mrs Haunts, Mrs Thornton, Walter, Wood
Canvey Independent: Councillors: Acott, Campagna, Mrs Payne, Withers
Chairman: Councillor Walter
Place and Communities
Conservative: Councillors: Cole, Cross, Mrs Haunts, Skipp, Mrs Thornton, Wood
Canvey Independent: Councillors: Harvey, J Payne, Mrs Sach, Withers
Chairman: Councillor Wood


Regulatory Committees

Development Control
Conservative: Councillors: Cutler, Dick, Hart, Mrs Haunts, Johnson, Mumford, Sharp, Mrs Wass  (Substitutes) Skipp, Mrs Thornton
Canvey Independent: Councillors: Acott, Anderson, Blackwell, Fuller, Taylor (Substitutes) Palmer, Tucker
Chairman: Councillor Dick
Vice Chairman: Councillor Sharp

Councillors: Mrs Blissett, Cross, Cutler, Ms Drogman, E. Egan, Mrs Haunts, Isaacs, MacLean, Skipp

Canvey Independent: Councillors: Acott, Blackwell, Fuller, Harvey, Palmer, Taylor
Chairman: Councillor E. Egan
Conservative: Councillors: Cole, Mrs Egan, Hart, Mumford, Varker
Canvey Independent: Councillors: Blackwell, Campagna, May
Chairman: Councillor Cole