Community Infrastructure Levy

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Regulations enable local authorities to set a levy on new developments which is used to pay for community infrastructure such as roads, schools, parks and community halls.

The Council was working on setting a levy for Castle Point alongside the preparation of the New Local Plan in 2016. Since work on the Plan stalled, work to establish a CIL has also ceased until a new plan can be brought forward.

The Community Infrastructure Levy will comprise of a charging schedule - how much different types of development will be expected to pay per square metre. It will also comprise of an infrastructure schedule - what the levy collected will be spent on. The charging schedule will be subject to independent examination before adoption to ensure that it is reasonable.

Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule

The Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule was the subject of consultation from the 24th January until 28th March 2014. The Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule was prepared using evidence on viability emerging from the Draft New Local Plan Whole Plan Viability Assessment Phase 1 Report.

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