Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Consultation 2022

Consultation on a draft Charging Schedule was originally undertaken in November 2021, and following this the Council submitted the Schedule for examination in March 2022. However, in June 2022 the Council decided to withdraw the Local Plan 2018-2033. The evidence base supporting the production of the draft CIL Charging Schedule was based on information from the withdrawn Local Plan, and included growth proposed for allocation which would not now be relevant to the draft CIL Charging Schedule and associated evidence base.

The CIL Examiner therefore asked the Council to consider the implications of the withdrawal of the Local Plan 2018-2033. The Council produced additional information to support the progression of the CIL examination. The purpose of this consultation was to present the additional information produced by the Council, and invite comments on the CIL Charging Schedule and associated evidence base following the Council’s withdrawal of the Local Plan 2018-2033.

Consultation on the CIL Draft Charging Schedule and associated evidence began on Friday 22 July and closed at 5pm on Friday 2 September 2022. 

The consultation responses received during this consultation were passed to the CIL Examiner for consideration and can be found with a consultation statement setting out how the consultation was undertaken below. 

CIL Further Consultation Statement [pdf] 1012KB


01-Carr-TFL_Redacted [pdf] 287KB

02-Spink_Redacted.[pdf] 73KB

03-Rogers-Natural England_Redacted [pdf] 339KB

04-Pearson-Brentwood BC_Redacted [pdf] 326KB

05-Brampton-Contour_Redacted [pdf] 457KB

06-Burgess-National Highways_Redacted [pdf] 124KB

07-Marsh-Historic England_Redacted [pdf] 91KB

08-Saunders-Anglian Water_Redacted [pdf] 722KB

09-Fraser-Essex County Council-Doc1_Redacted [pdf] 190KB

09-Fraser-Essex County Council-Doc2_Redacted [pdf] 135KB

10-Bicknell-NHS Mid and South Essex_Redacted [pdf] 170KB

11-Willsher-Persimmon_Redacted [pdf] 594KB

12-Plant-Gladman_Redacted [pdf] 315KB

13-Deverrick_Redacted [pdf] 647KB

14-Copsey_Redacted [pdf] 627KB

15-Firth-Savills-Redrow_Redacted [pdf] 434KB

16-Firth-Savills-Marden Homes_Redacted [pdf] 433KB

17-Ryder-CODE-This Land_Redacted [pdf] 759KB

17-Ryder-CODE-This Land-SOCG_Redacted [pdf] 211KB

Consultation Documents

The following documents were available for the consultation.

Draft CIL Consultation Information Booklet - July 2022[pdf] 21MB

Draft CIL Information Sheet - July 2022 [pdf] 345KB

Draft CIL Charging Schedule - July 2022 [pdf] 20MB

Additional Evidence 

CPBC-1-N CP IDP Addendum May 22 [pdf] 2MB

CPBC-1-O Infrastructure Schedule updated May 22 [xlsx] 67KB

CPBC-2 CIL Topic Paper - July 2022.pdf[pdf] 644KB

CPBC-3 Canvey Island Brownfield Sites CIL - July 2022.pdf[pdf] 273KB

All previously submitted evidence and documentation can be found on Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Examination Library