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Castle Point Borough Council will be closed from Christmas Eve and will re-open for telephone enquiries and pre-booked office appointments at 8.45 am on Tuesday 4th January 2022.

Castle Point Borough Council would like to wish all residents a very happy and safe Christmas and best wishes for the New Year.

Core Strategy Archive

At its meeting of the 27 September 2011 the Council decided to withdraw the Core Strategy, and commence work on a New Local Plan. Information on this decision, and also the submission Core Strategy and supporting documents can be found below. It should be noted that the Submission Core Strategy does not represent Council policy. It is provided solely for providing a historical context to current and future work on the New Local Plan.

Information regarding the withdrawal of the Core Strategy

Reference No. Document Date Author

Statement of the Leader of the Council regarding the meeting with Rt Hon Greg Clark MP 17th October 2011.pdf [pdf] 38KB

2011 CPBC
CP110 Letter to Rt Hon Greg Clark MP 19th October 2011.pdf [pdf] 50KB 2011 CPBC
CP111 Consultation Response to the draft National Planning Policy Framework.pdf [pdf] 101KB 2011 CPBC
CP112 Letter to the Planning Inspectorate withdrawing the Core Strategy 28 September 2011.pdf [pdf] 68KB 2011 CPBC
CP113 Letter to Rt Hon Bob Neill MP withdrawing the Core Strategy 3 October 2011.pdf [pdf] 69KB 2011 CPBC
CP114 Letter from Rt Hon Bob Neill MP confirming withdrawal of Core Strategy 7 November 2011.pdf [pdf] 218KB 2011 CLG


Examination Correspondence

Reference No. Document Date Author
CP115 Inspectors Letter 6 July 2011.pdf [pdf] 87KB 2011 PINS
CP116 Letter to Inspector 24 June 2011.pdf [pdf] 70KB 2011 CPBC
CP117 Inspectors Letter 7 June 2011.pdf [pdf] 58KB 2011 PINS
CP118 Letter to Inspector 31 May 2011.pdf [pdf] 70KB 2011 CPBC
CP119 Cabinet Report 25 May 2011.pdf [pdf] 37KB 2011 CPBC
CP120 Inspectors Letter 11 May 2011.pdf [pdf] 66KB 2011 PINS
CP121 Inspectors Note following Suspension of Examination July 2010.pdf [pdf] 40KB 2010 PINS
CP122 Guidance for the Council July 2010.pdf [pdf] 65KB 2010 PINS
CP123 Core Strategy Examination Suspension Letter July 2010.pdf [pdf] 114KB 2010 PINS


Core Strategy Documents

Reference No. Document Date Author
CP125 Sustainability Appraisal of Proposed Amendment Core Strategy.pdf [pdf] 2MB 2010 Baker Associates

Habitats Regulations Assessment of Proposed Amendment Core Strategy.pdf [pdf] 94KB

2010 CPBC
CP127 PPS25 Sequential Test of the Submission Core Strategy.pdf [pdf] 276KB 2010 CPBC
CP129 Schedule of Minor Amendments to the Submission Core Strategy March 2010.pdf [pdf] 189KB 2010 CPBC
CP130 Sustainability Appraisal of the Submission Core Strategy 2009.pdf [pdf] 3MB 2009 Baker Associates
CP131 Habitats Regulations Assessment of the Submission Core Strategy 2009.pdf [pdf] 3MB 2009 CPBC
CP132 PPS25 Sequential Test of the Submission Core Strategy.pdf [pdf] 276KB 2009 CPBC

Statement of Compliance -

2009 CPBC