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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

In line with social distancing advice and to protect residents and staff the Council has taken the decision to close the Council offices to the public until further notice.

Whilst the offices are closed to visitors, you are still able to access services and information from this website 24/7.

Information and advice on coronavirus (COVID-19) and how to access Council Services during this period can be found on our Coronavirus information page

We ask that all residents #StayHomeSaveLives – see a Message from the Leader of the Council

Council Tax discount for persons in detention

Notes of Guidance

This discount will apply to a person on a day if he or she is detained under one of the following conditions:

  • In a prison, hospital or any other place under order of any UK court.
  • In a prison, hospital or any other place under a Standing Civilian Court established under the Armed Forces act 1976
  • Under the immigration act 1971, section 136 of the Mental Health Act 1983 (detention in place of safety), or the Repatriation of Prisoners Act 1957.
  • Under the Army Act 1955, the Air Force Act 1955 or the Naval Discipline Act 1957.
  • In a hospital under section 46,47 or 48 or part II of the Mental Health Act 1983.

This category of discount does not apply to:

  • Prisoner released on licensed parole, exempt those discharged temporarily under section 28 or section 47(5) of the Prisoner Act 1952 (generally on compassionate grounds) who will be disregarded.
  • Persons committed to prison for non-payment of Council Tax.
  • Persons detained for default in payment of a fine.
  • Service personnel who are under open arrest or who are detained for less then 48 hours.


Information on persons in detention

Note: Questions marked by * are mandatory

Please list below all people aged 18 or over living at the address and state if any are already disregarded for Council Tax.
Declaration to be signed by the applicant. Warning: Deliberately giving false information could lead to prosecution. I declare that the information given is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand the the Council may check the validity of the information provided.