Council Tax Further Support

If you are struggling to make payments as a result of COVID-19, please get in touch with us as there are a number of ways we can help you. We may need to understand your finances to offer the right support.

IE Hub
You can do this via our partner IE Hub .  Remember to share your completed budget with us at the end and we will call you back to discuss the options available.

Why use IE Hub?

  • Industry standard: IE Hub uses the industry standard Income and Expenditure form, so you know you are answering all the right questions.
  • Quick: IE Hub tailors the process to you, removing any unnecessary or irrelevant questions. 
  • Easy: You can easily share your budget by adding Castle Point Borough Council to your share list. Once we have received this, we will give you a call to discuss the best way forward.
  • Convenient: You can fill in the information during your own time, using any computer, tablet or mobile. 
  • Complete once, use many times: You only have to complete your Income and Expenditure information once. By using IE Hub, you can send your completed form to anyone who has requested this information from you. If they aren’t on our growing share list, don’t worry - you can print, download and email your information simply using IE Hub.
  • Safe: Your data will be safe; you will always have control of your data and who sees it.
  • Free: IE Hub is free to use.

Get started on IE Hub


Payment Holiday*

If you pay over 10 monthly instalments, you can request a payment holiday. You can choose any months for your payment holiday, e.g. August & December (school holidays & Christmas), and your payment holiday can be a maximum of 2 months. This may help to budget for particular months where you may be more financially stretched. 

Please note that any change in your liability may result in the cancellation of your payment holidays and you may need to contact us to set it up again. For more information, call 01268 882200 option 1.

If you are already paying by direct debit and wish to change to the payment holiday option, please email preferably with your payment reference number (the number starts with 41 and will be 10 digits long) or name and address and the two months you wish to have your payment holiday for.

*Please refer to payment dates from the previous page