National Planning Policy and Guidance

National Planning Policy
Reference Document Date Author
CP/07/001 National Planning Policy Framework 2012 CLG
CP/07/003 Planning Policy for Traveller Sites 2012 CLG
CP/07/004 Planning Practice Guidance 2014 CLG
CP/07/005 National Policy Statement for Ports 2012 DfT
CP/07/006 National Policy Statements for Energy Infrastructure 2011 DECC
CP/07/007 UK Marine Policy Statement 2011 DEFRA

Exchange of Letters entitled Inspectors Reports on Local Plans

Letter 1 3rd March 2014.pdf [pdf] 439KB

Letter 2 6th march 2014.pdf [pdf] 300KB

Letter 3 13th March 2014.pdf [pdf] 31KB


2014 CLG / PINs
CP/07/009  Letter re: broadband for new builds [pdf] 157KB 2015 CLG & DCMS