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Examination Information

The Examination of the Local Plan has now concluded. The Inspectors report and all documents related to the examination of the plan are available on this page.

Inspector's Report 

The Council received the Inspector's Report into the examination of the Local Plan on 3rd March 2022. The receipt of this report concludes the examination process, and determines that the Local Plan is sound subject to those modifications listed in the report. 

A copy of the Inspector's report and notification of its publication is available to view below

Inspector's Report.pdf [pdf] 379KB

Appendix - Main Modifications.pdf [pdf] 1MB

Notification of Inspector's Report.pdf [pdf] 185KB

The next stage in the process will be for the Council to consider the Inspector's report. 


Main Modifications Consultation

A series of proposed main modifications to the Local Plan arose through the examination process. The Inspector invited the Council to consult on these main modifications before he prepared his final report on the examination of the Castle Point Local Plan.

Separately, the Council is undertook consultation on changes to the Policies Map, Sustainability Appraisal, Habitats Regulations Assessment and Appropriate Assessment and the Equality Impact Assessment in light of the main modifications. In addition to this a schedule of proposed Additional Modifications was prepared and consulted on.

All consultation documents and responses to this consultation can be found on Main Modifications Consultation 

The consultation commenced on Friday 10th December 2021 and closed at 5pm on Friday 4th February 2022.



The Inspector examining the emerging Local Plan has issued the post-hearings letter. This was received on the 29th September 2021. The letter can be found via - INSP/06 - Post Hearings Letter


Privacy Notices

The Council's privacy notice can be accessed via the following link -  Castle Point Privacy Notice [pdf] 93KB

The Planning Inspectorate (PINS) privacy notice can be accessed via the following link - PINS Privacy Notice

A Data Sharing Agreement between the Council and PINS can be accessed via the following link -  Local Plan Data Sharing Agreement [pdf] 277KB

Guidance for the online hearing sessions can be accessed via the following link -  Virtual Events Guidance [pdf] 72KB


Inspector Led Consultation

The Inspector initiated a consultation on the 9th August seeking views on the update to the National Planning Policy Framework, and on additional materials submitted by the Council and others at the request of the Inspector since the examination hearing sessions opened on the 11th May. View a copy of the letter sent to those invited to participate in the consultation – Inspector Led Consultation Letter.

Subsequent to the Inspector issuing the above letter, two additional documents provided by the Environment Agency at the request of the Inspector were also made available for comment:

EXM-056 – Environment Agency Note Flood Risk Requirements [pdf] 185KB   – Added 16/8/2021

EXM-057 – Environment Agency Note Flood Risk Permits [pdf] 120KB  – Added 16/8/2021

Comments submitted to this consultation have been made available to view online via - EXM-058 - All Responses to the Inspector Led Consultation August 2021

The Inspector provided the Council a brief opportunity to review and comment on comments received. The Council provided a response to the Inspector which is available to view via - CPBC/05 - Council Response to Comments Received in the Inspector Led Consultation


Matters Issues and Questions (MIQs) and Online Hearings

The examination hearing sessions were held virtually using 'Microsoft Teams' and commenced on Tuesday 11 May 2021, a draft hearing programme for these sessions is found below. The Inspector prepared the following documents in advance of the examination hearing sessions. All of the hearing sessions are available to view on the Council's YouTube found here 

Draft Hearings Programme June 2021 v10.pdf [pdf] 141KB  - Updated schedule for remaining hearing sessions - added 24/6/21

Hearing Agenda Day 1 - 11 May 0930 - Matter 1.pdf [pdf] 84KB

Hearing Agenda Day 1 - 11 May 1400 - Matter 2.pdf [pdf] 71KB

Hearing Agenda Day 2 - 12 May 0930 - Matter 3.pdf [pdf] 114KB

Hearing Agenda Days 2 and 3 - 12 May 1400 and 13 May 0930 - Matter 4.pdf [pdf] 104KB

Hearing Agenda Day 4 - 25 May 0930 - Matter 5.pdf [pdf] 92KB

Hearing Agenda Day 5 - 26 May 0930 - Matter 5.pdf [pdf] 108KB

Hearing Agenda Day 6 - 27 May 0930 - Matter 5.pdf [pdf] 96KB

Hearing Agenda Days 7, 8 and 9 - 22 - 25 June - Matter 7.pdf [pdf] 134KB 

Hearing Agenda Day 10 - 29 June - Matters 5 and 7.pdf [pdf] 110KB - Added 29/6/21

Inspectors Clarification on Initial Matters Issues and Questions - MIQs 22.03.21 [pdf] 496KB

Inspectors Initial Matters Issues and Questions - MIQs February 2021 [pdf] 247KB

Inspectors Guidance Note February 2021 [pdf] 123KB

Regulation 24 Statement February 2021 [pdf] 111KB



In accordance with regulation 22 of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012 (As Amended) Castle Point Borough Council submitted the New Castle Point Local Plan 2018-2033 to the Secretary of State on 2 October 2020 for examination.

Information on the local plan examination process and the role of the Planning Inspectorate can be found here - 

Procedural guidance for the local plan examination can be found here -


The Inspector

Philip Lewis BA (Hons) MA MRTPI was appointed by the Secretary of State as the Planning Inspector for the examination of the New Castle Point Local Plan 2018-2033.


The Programme Officer

The Council appointed a Programme Officer, an independent officer who organised and managed the administrative and procedural matters of the Examination.

The Programme Officer was Andrea Copsey.