Dog Fouling FAQ's

Can you prosecute dog fouling owners?

Yes, we can if there is enough evidence.

If you wish to report someone who is persistently allowing their dog/s to foul please contact us (including your name and address), or telephone us on 01268 882200 so that we investigate.

Alternatively you can visit the Street Scene Section at the Council Offices, Kiln Road, Benfleet, SS7 1TF.


Can you clear up the dog fouling?

Yes we can clear dog fouling on the public highway and in our Open Spaces, please contact us at, or telephone us on 01268 882200, we will need to know where the fouling is so please provide those details.


Can you put up dog fouling notices?

Yes, we can.

Please contact us (including your name, address and where you would like the sign to be placed), or telephone us on 01268 882200.

If a sign can be placed at this location we will try to put it in place within a week.


There is an overflowing litter / dog fouling bin, can you empty it?

Yes and thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Please contact us (including the location of the bin), or telephone us on 01268 882200 so that we act on this.