The current economic climate is challenging for local businesses and the need for timely access to finance has taken on greater significance.

Whilst the Council does not offer financial support programs or grants to businesses itself at the current time, there are an ever-changing range of opportunities via other schemes from other organisations.  We recommend the best way to find out about appropriate sources of finance and the latest schemes that are relevant to your business is to contact the BEST Growth Hub.  The Hub is a government supported initiative to provide business support in our region.  You can access the BEST Growth Hub here:

We have also included details of local funding schemes below:


Low Carbon Across the South East (LoCASE)

LoCASE is the part EU/local authority funded scheme designed to give small and medium enterprise (SME) businesses in the South East Local Enterprise Partnership (SELEP) an opportunity to convert to better energy efficient practices.  LoCASE also looks to serve the low carbon business sector by giving opportunities to grow, strengthen, innovate and serve local businesses in their pursuit of making cost efficiency saving.

The LoCASE project offers -

- Match funded grant support

- Assistance to the low carbon business sector in their development and growth

- Business support to identify all areas of carbon efficiency to business

If your business is based in the SELEP region (this includes Thurrock, Southend, Essex, Kent and Medway, East Sussex) then the project would be open to your application – please click on the following link to see further details:


European Regional Development Fund