General Council Tax FAQ's


Why am I paying more than my neighbour?

We cannot discuss your neighbour’s situation, but the amount you pay depends on the valuation band of your property, how many residents are in the property, whether Council Tax benefit has been awarded or any disregards or exemptions apply.

If you think the banding may be incorrect, you can contact the Valuation Office Agency:

  • by writing to District Valuer and Valuation Officer, 34 Southway, Colchester, Essex CO2 7BB
  • by phone 03000 501 501.
  • by visiting their website https:\\

Can I have my Council Tax bill sent to me electronically?

Yes. Electronic billing is a good way to reduce your carbon footprint and also helps to reduce the cost of your Council Tax.

You can apply to View your Account Online  and to switch to electronic billing. The whole process can be undertaken securely on the internet.

Or e-mail us your details to:

Am I paying for people who have not paid their Council Tax?

Yes. All organisations make allowances for bad debt. However Castle Point is in the top 25% of authorities in the country in collecting Council Tax and have budgeted to collect between 98% and 99% this year.

Why does the Council send so many documents and booklets with the Council Tax bill?

The Council is required by law to send the information contained in the leaflet enclosed with your bill.

If you prefer not to receive the literature you can switch to electronic billing where the whole process can be undertaken securely on the internet. Just click the picture below.


Or e-mail us your details to:

Why must I contact these authorities (Essex County Council, Essex Fire Authority or Essex Police Authority) separately?

Although all of the authorities work closely together, they all operate their services independently. The County Council is responsible for services such as education, highways and social services whilst Castle Point Borough Council provides services such as refuse collection, housing, planning, environmental health and leisure.

How do I contact Essex County Council, Essex Fire Authority or Essex Police Authority?

Essex County Council: Email address: Telephone: 01245 492211 Website:

Essex Fire Authority : Email address: Telephone: 01277 222531 Website:

Essex Police Authority: Email address: Telephone: 01245 452395 Website:

Why has my bill increased / decreased?

The Council Tax includes charges for Essex County Council, Essex Police Authority, Essex Fire Authority as well as Castle Point Borough Council. The level of charges for these authorities are shown within the council tax information leaflet issued with your bill.

Copies of leaflets available on  the  Council Tax Yearly Charges page.

Other reasons why your bill has increased or decreased could be:

  • There may be a change to your benefit entitlement.
  • There may be a change in your household with someone leaving or joining and therefore affecting your discount.
  • A disabled reduction may have been awarded or removed.
  • An exemption or disregard may have been applied or ceased.
  • The banding on your property may have been revised.

What is the charge for this / next year?

The  Council Tax Yearly Charges can be found in our Council Tax section. If the charges for next year aren’t shown, it’s because they haven’t yet been decided. Note there are two separate charge schedules from 2007, as Canvey residents pay an additional amount for Canvey Island Town Council.

Canvey Island - Parish Council FAQ's

When will I receive next year's Council Tax bill?

You will normally receive your annual Council Tax from the middle of March. It will show the amount you have to pay and how that amount has been calculated. The bill will also set out the amount of each instalment and the dates on which each one should be paid.

If you have a payment that is due in March for the previous financial year, this may show as a balance outstanding on your new bill. If you pay by direct debit this will be collected on your normal payment date.

If you are behind with your instalments, then you need to bring your account up to date immediately as any balance outstanding will not be included in your new year payment plan.

I have just changed my address, how do I register?

We need the following information:

  • The full names of all the people over 18:
  • The address of the property
  • If the property is to remain empty, the address to which the Council Tax Bill is to be sent
  • The date the property was purchased or rented.
  • Whether you currently reside within Castle Point and you are responsible for paying Council Tax, or have moved in from another Council.
  • A contact daytime telephone number.

Once you have this information you can either:

  1. complete the online Moving Home form.
  2. email this information to us at:
  3. Telephone us with the information when you move in on 01268 882200; or
  4. Write to us at: Castle Point Borough Council (Dept. CT), PO BOX 15, Benfleet, Essex SS7 1AY.

What is Council Tax?

Council Tax is a local tax that is charged for most residential properties. It was introduced in 1993 after three years of the Community Charge.

Your Council Tax pays for the services provided by Castle Point Borough Council, Essex County Council, Essex Police Authority and Essex Fire Authority.

Your Council has to collect the Council Tax needed by all four authorities and then pay the correct share to the other three authorities.

If you reside on Canvey Island, then you will also contribute to Canvey Island Town Council.