Housing Transfer list

We have changed the way we allocate social housing and have moved to Castle Point Homechoice with effect 30th June 2011.

The Transfer Incentive Scheme helps Council tenants move to smaller, more manageable properties and it offers a cash incentive. 

Many tenants find that their family have moved out and they no longer use all their bedrooms. Many find that they have difficulty in managing aspects of their property such as the stairs or the garden and they find that the upkeep of larger properties proves to be expensive. 

Smaller properties usually benefit from lower Council Tax and lower rent and they should cost less to heat i.e. gas and electric bills should be cheaper. 

Under the Transfer Incentive Scheme, applicants are given a high priority on the transfer list. 

People aged over 60 years can be considered for sheltered housing which benefits from a Warden on site and allows residents to mix with each other socially. 

Properties allocated under the Transfer Incentive Scheme are treated the same as any other Council property. There may be additional financial assistance given for redecoration of your new home in the form of a redecoration allowance and all necessary repairs and health and safety checks will be carried out before you move in.

To apply for a TIS please visit the
HomeChoice site.