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Annual Canvass of the Register of Electors

Castle Point Council is conducting its annual canvass of 36,500 homes in the Borough, and urging residents to help keep the costs down by responding by text or online, as a first option.

The Council needs to know who lives at each address and who is currently on the electoral register.

A letter giving details of everyone registered is being sent to every home in the Borough during August and residents are being asked to check the details carefully and respond by 12 September.

If the details are correct they are being encouraged to respond by text, computer or telephone.

But for those residents who are unable to use these forms of communication there is still a pre-paid envelope to return the form.

David Marchant, Castle Point’s Electoral Registration Officer, said:

“In order to keep the costs of the annual canvass as low as possible we would encourage all residents to take the easy option of providing this important information by text, email or phone. It is still possible for those who prefer to fill in paper forms to do so and return them to us in the reply-paid envelope.”


To view further information please click link below:

Annual Canvass of the Register of Electors 27KB