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Active Festival 2023

Active Festival 2023

We've got another Active Festival for you Castle Pointers!

We're running another Active Festival at both Runnymede and Waterside Farm Leisure Centres to give those looking to improve their health long into older age and have the opportunity to come into some fantastic social groups to make new friends whilst still being in a fun, safe environment!

You'll get all of the classes for FREE + get FREE tea, coffee and cakes after whilst sitting with the rest of the group in our cafe area afterwards.

All of our Active classes are designed to be more gentle than our other classes to make it perfect for our older customers to keep fit and healthy with us whilst giving a chance to socialise with others in a similar situation.

Book in centre, online or in app today Castle Pointers.

Waterside Farm Leisure Centre - Monday 30th January 

10:15-10:40 - Active Zumba

10:45-11:10 - Active Pilates

10:45-11:10 - Active Club Fit

11:15-11:40 - Active Yoga

12:00-12:45 - Active Aqua

Runnymede Leisure Centre - Tuesday 31st January 

09:45-10:15 - Active Zumba

10:20-10:45 - Active Aerobics

10:50-11:15 - Active Club Fit

11:20-12:00 - Active Yoga