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Membership Price Increase

Membership Price Increase Image

We review the prices of our memberships at the beginning of each year and when making this review we do try to keep the cost as low as we can whilst covering our costs as much as possible. With the costs of running our centres increasing including the cost of energy we are increasing our prices by £1 on all memberships per month from the 1st April 2023. We are sorry that we are having to increase but this is the minimum amount we can whilst covering some of our increased costs.

We have made some changes to our operations and invested in some cost saving measures to keep this rise to the minimum we possibly can and would like to mention that this rise is well below the Consumer Prices Index (CPI) rate of inflation which is currently 8.8%. If we rose by this rate we would be increasing by £3.78 on our Peak membership so we have really tried to keep this increase to a minimum Castle Pointers.

In return for this price increase we will continue to offer you the best service we can, invest in our centres where possible and continue to pass on our knowledge and expertise to help you reach your goals! We’ve also got some plans to improve our offering over the next 12 months so watch this space Castle Pointers.