Runnymede ANPR System & New Year Special Offer!

Runnymede Leisure Centre's ANPR system is now live. Please make sure you put your number plate into the tablets provided in the entrance of the area to avoid getting a fine. 


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Runnymede ANPR System

Due to the consistent issue with the parking facilities at Runnymede Leisure Centre we have installed an Automatic Number Plate Recognition system into the main car park and the car park at the rear of the centre. Since we have introduced the testing of this system we have noticed a marked improvement in the available spaces at peak times. 

The test phase is now complete and the ANPR system will go live on Monday 9th December 2019. 

We have installed an extra tablet to reduce the queues at peak times. You must input your number plate into the tablet and complete the options to avoid getting a fine. 

The cameras will be in operation Monday to Friday from 7:30am until 6pm and you will have a 30 minute grace period to enter your number plate into the tablets.