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Sport for Confidence

What is Sport for Confidence?

Sport for Confidence is a unique organisation that places Occupational Therapists in Leisure Centres using physical activity to have a positive impact on people’s lives and to enable occupational outcomes through inclusive opportunities. Looking at tackling inequalities so that everyone enjoys community spaces which promote movement, activity, wellbeing and relationships.

We work together with people who encounter challenges and barriers when participating

in sport and physical activity, as everyone should have the opportunity to participate in activities that matter to them, to enhance their health and well-being.


What Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapy is concerned with promoting health and well-being, supporting individuals to participate in meaningful activities.  Empowering people to overcome barriers preventing them from doing the activities that matter to them. The Occupational Therapist will assess how meaningful activities can be modified or adapted to enable people to participate in the activities of everyday life and to help them live their best lives.

The Occupational Therapists works directly with sport coaches and staff to make adjustments that create truly accessible sport and leisure opportunities. The Occupational Therapist also supports with referrals to other agencies, as well as carrying out 1:1 intervention’s including, sensory, anxiety management and social skills depending on individuals needs and goals.

New groups are developed in response to client’s needs, with the sport carefully selected based on the advice of health care professionals and the coaches’ expertise.

Below are the groups which have been established and are developed in partnership with an Occupational Therapists and delivered by a sports coach.  The Sport for Confidence programme at Waterside offers participation in purposeful activity, facilitates access to community sport and leisure facilities, increasing social and community inclusion, facilitates the improvement of health and early intervention on health issues and increased independence in daily tasks and routines


Monday’s Sessions

Creative Dance 10:30am-11:15am

Creative dance is a fun, therapeutic session, where individuals can express themselves through music and dance.

Boccia for Confidence: 11.30am-12.15pm

This is a fun and relaxed session. It is a seated team game and is fully inclusive for people with a range of needs from mild to complex. It is also suitable for wheelchair users. Support workers/family members can support clients to take part if necessary.  The session provides the opportunity to take part in fun Boccia activities, as well as boccia games.  Boccia is unique because the ball can be thrown or kicked. Ramps can also be used for people who have difficulty with gross upper motor skills. The session also focuses on giving individual clients’ roles within the session, depending on the client’s goals and abilities. For example: Scoring/umpiring. This provides clients the opportunity to develop skills such as decision making, memory, psychosocial skills and social skills.

Stronger My Way - 1:00pm-1:45pm 

The stronger my way session promotes prevention and enablement. The sessions look at strength and balance, incorporating sport and physical activity. This includes resistant bands, tennis and cricket, as well as using strength and balance exercises.

Introduction to Multi-sports-2.15-3.15pm

This group is for individuals who have mental health needs and would like to take part in a different sport each week, tailored to meet their needs.  It is a fun and relaxed session which provides the opportunity to help improve confidence, self-esteem, establish friendships, having a positive impact on their mental well-being.


Wednesday’s Sessions

Boccia for confidence 11am-11.45pm

College session (Closed group Term time) 12-1pm

The bespoke College session, offers a session for students with additional needs from two college, utilising sport/physical activity to provide opportunities for the students to develop their social communication, interaction skills and meaningful friendships. The partnership with the two colleges and combining the session together, also provides the students the opportunity to socialise with other students and gain more confidence in skills such as initiating introductions, active listening and starting/sustaining conversations. The sessions have been specifically tailored to encourage social skills.

Social Swimming (Dementia Friendly) 1.15-2pm

Swimming is a great activity which benefits all. It is particularly beneficial to people living with dementia as the sensation of being in the water can provide a calming and soothing effect. These sessions recognise that those attending will appreciate a quiet, controlled environment and may need a little extra support and encouragement during their visit.

Multi-sports 2-3pm

This group offers a 10-week programme, providing a great opportunity to try different sports skills and activities, from hockey, football and cricket. This group offers a range of skill acquisition including hand-eye co-ordination, planning and teamwork. The sessions also focus on giving individual clients’ roles within the session. For example: Scoring and timing or team captain. This provides clients the opportunity to develop skills such as decision making, memory and social skills.

Basketball Skills 3.15-4pm

This session concentrates on developing skills needed to become a good team player. It’s a great chance to become a part of a team.  This group again offers a range of skill acquisition including hand-eye co-ordination, decision making, planning and teamwork.


For further information please contact Lucy Goldup (Senior Occupational Therapist)

Tel: 07719557859

Email: or

Twitter: @sportforconf

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