2019 Local Plan Consultation

Monday 16 December 2019 until 5pm Friday 14 February 2020

Please note that the online portal will close at 5pm Friday 14 February 2020. Any late responses made after that time should be emailed to localplan@castlepoint.gov.uk 

UPDATE: The Council has become aware of a number of people experiencing difficulties using the online system. If you experience these difficulties or would prefer to email your responses directly to the Council, please email localplan@castlepoint.gov.uk . This can either be in the form of the Consultation Response Booklet 2019.docx [docx] 299KB or by direct comments. 

On 22 October 2019 the Council agreed to procced to a public consultation on the Pre-submission Local Plan 2019. The Local Plan and Policies Map and supporting documents can be found at Pre-submission Local Plan and Evidence base. At this stage of consultation, the Council is seeking views on whether the Local Plan is legally compliant and meets the tests of 'soundness', as set out in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF). Below sets out what these are:

Legal compliance:

  • The Local Plan should have been prepared in accordance with the Council’s latest Local Development Scheme.
  • The Local Plan should be accompanied by a Sustainability Appraisal and Habitat Regulations Assessment.
  • Consultation on the Local Plan should have been carried out in accordance with the Council’s Statement of Community Involvement.
  • The Council should have worked collaboratively with neighbouring authorities and prescribed bodies on strategic and cross boundary matters, known as the Duty to Cooperate.
  • The Local Plan should comply with all relevant laws including the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 and the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012.


  • Positively prepared - provides a strategy which, as a minimum, seeks to meet the area’s objectively assessed needs; and is informed by agreements with other authorities, so that unmet need from neighbouring areas is accommodated where it is practical to do so and is consistent with achieving sustainable development.
  • Justified - an appropriate strategy, taking into account the reasonable alternatives, and based on proportionate evidence.
  • Effective - deliverable over the plan period, and based on effective joint working on cross-boundary strategic matters that have been dealt with rather than deferred, as evidenced by the statement of common ground.
  • Consistent with national policy - enabling the delivery of sustainable development in accordance with the policies including the National Planning Policy Framework.

General advice:

  • You must provide your contact details, we are unable to accept anonymous representations.  The name of respondents and the representations made will be made available on the Councils website.  Personal information such as telephone numbers, addresses, and email addresses will not be published.  By submitting a representation you confirm your agreement to the publication of your name and consultation response. 
  • Comments which are deemed to be unlawful or discriminatory will be inadmissible and will not be accepted. We would ask that you avoid the use of such comments when making your representations.
  • You will need to fill in a separate questionaire for each representation that relates to a different part or issue of the Local Plan. 
  • You should be as concise as possible when making your comments.
  • Where there are members of a group who share a common view on the Local Plan, a single representation will be sufficient. In such cases the group should indicate how many people it is representing and how the representation has been authorised.
  • Responses must be received by the Council no later than 5pm on Friday 14 February 2020.  

Responses can be made through the online portal.

Alternatively comments can be made through the 'Consultation Response Booklet 2019'. If you wish to fill out this document please email it back to localplan@castlepoint.gov.uk or by post to Local Plan Consultation, Castle Point Boroough Council, Kiln Road, Thundersley, Essex, SS7 1TF. 

Consultation Response Booklet 2019.docx [docx] 299KB

Consultation Response Booklet 2019.pdf [pdf] 302KB

Additional documents

Letter sent to businesses and residents December 2019.pdf [pdf] 148KB

Local Plan Statutory Notice 2019.pdf [pdf] 69KB