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Local Plan Examination Correspondence

Further information on the examination can be found on Examination Information

All submission documents and documents requested by the Inspector during the examination can be found on Local Plan Submission

Hearing statements can be found on Hearing Statements 

Various documents below relate to the revised National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) which can be found here.


Correspondence by the Planning Inspectorate

PINS/02 - Notification of Change of Inspector.pdf [pdf] 85KB - 26/11/2020

PINS/01 - Receipt of Local Plan and Appointment of Inspector [pdf] 132KB - 23/10/2020


Correspondence by the Inspector

INSP/06 - Post Hearings Letter .pdf [pdf] 200KB - New - 4/10/2021 (Received by the Council on 29/9/2021)

INSP/05 – Inspector Led Consultation – Additional Documents.pdf [pdf] 79KB  - 16/8/2021

INSP/04 - Inspector Led Consultation.pdf [pdf] 142KB - 9/8/2021

INSP/03 - Revised National Planning Policy Framework.pdf [pdf] 279KB - 27/7/2021

INSP/02 - Further Questions.pdf [pdf] 388KB - 14/1/2021

INSP/01 - Initial Questions.pdf [pdf] 421KB - 6/1/2021


Correspondence by the Council

CPBC/05 - Council Response to Comments Received in the Inspector Led Consultation.pdf [pdf] 159KB - 3/9/2021 - Comments submitted to this consultation are available to view online via - EXM-058 - All Responses to the Inspector Led Consultation August 2021

CPBC/04 - Council Response to Inspector’s Letter INSP/03 – Revised National Planning Policy Framework .pdf [pdf] 267KB - 4/8/2021

CPBC/03 - Response to the Inspectors Additional Initial Questions received on 14/1/2021.pdf[pdf] 79KB - 12/2/2021

CPBC/02 - Response to the Inspectors Initial questions received on 6/1/2021 Version 2.pdf[pdf] 178KB - 29/1/2021

CPBC/01 – Submission of Local Plan[pdf] 135KB - 2/10/2020


Correspondence from Other Parties

COP/01 - Correspondence from the Environment Agency.pdf [pdf] 198KB - 28/04/2021