Localism Act 2011 - Code of Member Conduct

Localism Act 2011 - Code of Member Conduct

The issue of standards is one of the key elements in the Localism Act 2011 which received Royal Assent on 15th November 2011.

The new standards provisions relating to all Councils in England are set out in Part 1, Chapter 7, Sections 26-37 and Schedule 4 of the Localism Act.

Councils are under a duty to promote and maintain high standards of conduct by their Elected and Co-opted Members.

The Standards Board for England was abolished on 31st March 2012 together with its regulatory role in handling cases. As from 1st July 2012 the new standards arrangements, which includes a "Nolan-based" Code of Conduct, the involvement of in an Independent Person in allegations of misconduct, and a new criminal offence of failing to declare or register interests came into force.

The Council's Code of Conduct [pdf] 187KB was adopted on 15th May 2012.

The Code defines the standards of conduct required of members in carrying out their duties and in their relationships with the council and it's officers.

Protocol on the use of IT by Councillors [pdf] 36KB  

Constitution Nov 2022[pdf] 2MB  

Council's Review Committee

The Council has appointed a Review Committee which consists of 8 elected members to champion and promote high standards of conduct by the Council's elected and co-opted members. The current members of the Review Committee are:

Councillors: W Gibson (Chairman) Acott, Campagna, Greig, B Egan, Isaacs, MacLean and Savage

It is the Committee's desire to create a sense of "well being" in the authority and to promote, educate and support members in following the highest standards of conduct in order to provide good corporate governance by encouraging openness, integrity and accountability of Members to the public at large.

Two representatives from the Canvey Island Town Council also become members of the Review Committee when dealing with a Town Council matter.

Independent Person/s

Under the Localism Act 2011, Part 1, Sect 28(7) the Council has to appoint an Independent Person/s. The Independent Persons appointed for Castle Point Borough Council are:

Mr Paul Ramsden and Mr Ian Clift. To contact the Independent Person please E-mail independentperson@castlepoint.gov.uk

Monitoring Officer

The Council's Monitoring Officer is Mr Andrew Roby Smith, Strategic Director.

The role of Monitoring Officer is described in the Constitution.


Who to ask if you have a question
Andrew Roby Smith (Monitoring Officer) 01268 882433
Jason Bishop (Deputy Monitoring Officer) 01268 882436
Ann Horgan (Head of Civic Governance) 01268 882413
Caroline Barker (Member Support) 01268 882425