Your Metal Matters

Don’t delay – recycle today! It’s never been easier to make your Metal Matter!

When it comes to recycling, metal is hard to beat. That’s because it’s endlessly recyclable - every last bit can be turned into something else. And it’s a cycle that can go on for ever.

The food or drink cans and other metal packaging items you recycle at home could end up being transformed into any one of a wide number of new products, from a designer watch, to a washing machine or even a new bus! 

Every time metal is recycled it saves energy, cuts greenhouse gas emissions and saves on landfill space – so it’s good news for the planet.


You can recycle all these Metal items in your pink sack:

Food can Aerosol can Drinks can Aerosol can Foil Food can Wrapping foil

Y Food cans
Y Aerosol cans
Y Drinks cans
Y Foil trays
Y Kitchen foil

Simply empty, quick rinse and add to your pink sack - No need to remove labels


Benefits of recycling

Can Recycling just one can will save enough energy to...

Television Lightbulb Laptopm Mobile Phone
power a TV for 4 hours power a 11w lightbulb for 1 day power a laptop for 2 hours fully charge your mobile phone


What happens to your metal after collection?

The empty can you recycle today could be back on the supermarket shelf as another can in as little as 60 days! Or it could become an iron, a mobile phone or even a car.

First the pink sacks are taken to a Material Recycling Facility where the metals are sorted from the other recyclables

Once sorted the cans are sent to be recycled. Metal packaging is made of either aluminium or steel.  The different types of metals are separated, baled and sent for reprocessing.  The process involves melting the metal; it is then cast into ingots which are sent on for manufacturing. The recycled metal is then used to produce all sorts of everyday items like cameras, irons and kettles as well as more food tins and cans.

Metals are endlessly recyclable and every time it’s recycled we save energy, cut emissions – and reduce landfill areas and costs.

Guide on recycling pink sacks:

Pink Sack - how to....[pdf] 638KB


What happens to you pink sacks    Please tie your pink sack