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Castle Point Clean Up Crew partner up with the Council

Clean up crew members The hard-working volunteers of the Castle Point Clean Up Crew are having their hard work recognised by Castle Point Borough Council. The volunteers are being given special stickers to leave on their sacks of collected litter, so they will be collected by Council Street Cleansing Contractor Pinnacle Group and not confused for flytipping. This comes after the Castle Point Clean Up Crew were praised for their ceaseless dedication and community spirit during the recent Full Council meeting, and the launch of Castle Point Borough Council's Litter Strategy.

Emma Powell, founder of the Castle Point Clean Up Crew said "I would like to thank the Council and the Councillors for their continued support of our group and for working with us from the start, since 2019. I am overwhelmed by the response our group has received and so proud to be part of such a successful group which aims to protect our wildlife from and keep our borough clear of litter. The stickers and hoops kindly donated to us, will be of a huge benefit to our volunteers.”

Councillor Nikki Drogman, who designed the stickers said, "I'm a big fan of the Castle Point Clean Up Crew, my family and I litterpick and I know they have inspired many other volunteers to get out there and help keep our streets tidy. Every one of those volunteers makes a huge difference, I'm so impressed that Emma has set up this group and she now has over 700 volunteers. Thank you to all of you for making our Borough much cleaner."

Councillor Simon Hart, Cabinet member for Streetscene said, "I want to say a massive thank you to the Castle Point Clean Up Crew. Their hard work is appreciated by everybody and I hope it makes people realise how damaging litter can be to our environment. As we come out of lockdown I urge everybody who enjoys our parks and open spaces to be responsible and dispose of your litter properly."