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Community Toilet Scheme

Community Toilet Scheme

The Council is seeking expressions of interest from seafront traders who wish to participate in a Community Toilet Scheme. The Community Toilet Scheme will enable local businesses to work with the Council to provide more clean, safe and accessible toilets which visitors to the seafront can use. It is intended that the operation of this scheme will be reviewed ahead of the summer 2022 season.

The benefits of joining the scheme are:

  • More potential customers coming into your premises who may buy something from you.
  • Good publicity – your business will be advertised via the Council’s Website as a participating partner in the Community Toilet Scheme.
  • Provision of easily accessible toilet facilities helps create a positive image of Canvey seafront
  • Press release and associated publicity on launch of the scheme

As a participating business you will be required to display a sticker in your window and to make your toilet facilities available to all members of the public without the need for them to make a purchase whilst you are open for business. You will reserve the right to refuse entry in exceptional circumstances, for example where a customer’s behaviour is unacceptable.

You will be required to maintain your facilities in a clean and safe condition and spot checks will be made to ensure your facilities are maintained in a satisfactory condition.

The Council in return will make a payment to you of £200 to cover any additional costs you may incur by being part of the Community Toilet Scheme.

You will need public liability insurance; we strongly recommend that you tell your insurers when you join this scheme and check you have the right insurance cover.

If you would like to participate in this scheme please email the following information to ;

  • Contact name and telephone number
  • Email address
  • Business name and address
  • Opening hours
  • What facilities you have available e.g. accessible or disabled toilet, ladies’ toilet, gents’ toilet, unisex toilet, baby changing facilities, etc

After you have applied we will arrange with you to make an assessment of your premises.

The premises assessment will be based on:

  • types and standards of facilities available, including disabled access provision
  • opening hours
  • location of your business/toilet facilities on the seafront