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Find Your Active in the Workplace

Find Your Active has launched their Workplace Edition for employees, workplaces and anyone who wants to stay active whilst at work.

Now more than ever, movement and activity is vital for the health of both employees and businesses. Find Your Active are bringing you a New Year, New Challenge January calendar, full of resources, challenges and ideas to get active whilst at work.

Whether that’s taking a wellbeing hour away from the desk to get some fresh air, joining a 5-minute stretch session on their YouTube channel or attending the workplace webinar to hear about strategies you could put in place with your workforce; there is something for every ability, age and time restraint.

The Find Your Active: Workplace Edition certainly highlights the many small tweaks and editions we can make, whilst at work, to improve productivity and energy levels, benefitting not only the employee, but the employer as well.  

To download the January calendar and see what you could get up to, visit:

It is Active Essex’s hope that this year-long initiative will help inspire and motivate workplaces to support employee wellbeing, as we deal with the impacts of the pandemic.

So, for more great ideas on how to introduce initiatives into your workplace, attend their workplace webinar, by registering your interest here: