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First round of Public Realm and Play Spaces Funding announced

Castle Point Borough Council has announced which schemes will be the first to benefit from its new Public Realm and Play Spaces Fund. 

Almost £6,000 has been awarded in the first application round, with everything from safer cricket practice to easier access to books being supported.

The money comes from a £140,000 ring-fenced pot established by the Council in January.

The first successful applicants are:

  • Hadleigh and Thundersley Cricket Club - £1000 towards the Club’s fund-raising efforts for outdoor cricket practice nets.

  • Castle Point Community Allotment - £1460 towards the building of an accessible path to the allotments. 

  • Network of Little Libraries - £1000 to support with the replacement of five existing Little Libraries.

  • Richmond Park - £2300 towards the installation of a drinking water fountain.

The Council also received several meritorious applications, but the details supplied in the application need further development before they can be considered. Applicants will be approached individually to see how these ideas can be brought forward.

  • Crescent Playground, wobbly bridge – more information about location and costs have been sought before making a decision. 

  • Tarpots Rec, outdoor gym –It is agreed that additional facilities are needed at this spot but Council advice is that an outdoor gym may not be the right solution for this site. The Council would like to test public opinion before making a decision. 

  • John Burrows –applications for basketball courts and a table tennis table. The Council believes that further investment is required at this site and would like to explore installing a Multi-Use Games Area. The Council would like to test public opinion before making a decision. 

  • Kismet Park - an application for new play equipment was made but without any details. The Council would like to test public opinion before making a decision. 

The Council has decided not to take forward the following applications:

  • Recreation Ground, Thundersley - path to improve accessibility. The Council believes that accessibility is relevant to all our parks and open spaces and will be looking at this as part of its ongoing review. 

  • The Gunny, Trust Links - soft landscaping. Although the Council is hugely supportive of this community project, it has already had significant funding and the Council feels that at this time, it should focus its limited funds on other open spaces