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Free Holiday Activity and Food programme available to join

About ActivAte

Essex ActivAte is the name for the Holiday Activity and Food (#HAF2023) programme across Essex, run by Active Essex, Essex County Council and Thurrock Council, on behalf of the Department for Education. Additional funding is provided by Essex County Council to extend the offer to low income working families who also require support during the school holidays. This programme takes place during the Easter, Summer and Winter holidays. Where possible, Essex County Council and Basildon Borough Council provide additional support families during the smaller half terms as well.


The programme aims to support the physical and mental wellbeing of primary and secondary school children, through engagement in a wide variety of enrichment and physical activities, and provision of a nutritious, school standard meal.

Working with a network of trusted local delivery partners, Active Essex run these FREE face to face clubs during the school holidays for children and young people who are eligible for benefits based free school meals, as well as those from low income working families who would benefit from this extra support. We are also able to extend this support to children and young people who may be vulnerable to inactivity or social isolation, on a case by case basis, please speak to the club provider to discuss if this is an option.

Each Essex ActivAte club will deliver a variety of fun physical and enrichment activities, fun food education and a nutritious meal. Alongside this you can access family support and fun activities to keep children active and entertained at home.


How to book onto a club

A couple of weeks before each half term and holiday programme, Essex Activate will post on their Facebook and Twitter pages when clubs are available to view, so make sure you’re following their social media too!

Holiday Activities Parents guide.pdf


Easter, Summer and Winter – Main Holidays

If your children are on benefit based free school meals (BBFSM), you will receive a voucher from your school with your unique booking code. You will receive one code, per child, per main holiday. You must book your child/ren onto a club, using the booking link on your voucher, and not on this website. 

Further support on booking your children onto a club using your code.

If your children are not on benefit based free school meals and you feel that they would benefit from attending one of our clubs, please see this further information.

If your child cannot attend a club after they have booked on, please inform the club as soon as possible. Without doing so, you will lose your credits and stop someone else accessing a valuable space.


May, October, February – Smaller Half Terms

To book your child/ren onto one of our clubs for half term, you will not receive a voucher from your school, and will need to book through providers booking system, which will be live on our homepage ahead of the programme. You will need to select your area, find what clubs are available and book your child on. Depending on the club, you may need to book through our website, or contact them directly.


Summer 2023


CP Clubs Summer .pdf

  • If your children are eligible for benefit based free school meals, you will receive a WONDE e-Voucher by email or text, depending on your contact preferences with your school. Click the link on your e-Voucher to book your child directly onto a local club. If you are still waiting for your e-Voucher, please contact your school.
  • We offer limited spaces for young people who are not eligible for benefits based free school meals, but are from ‘low-income’ working families, may be vulnerable and/or experience inactivity and social isolation without access to this free support. To book your child/ren onto a local club, you will not receive an e-Voucher and you will need to contact the club directly by finding their contact details below.

Please click here to see what clubs will be on offer for Summer 2023.