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Garden Waste – get your bin for half price!

Autumn is coming, leaves are starting to change colour and now is the time to prepare for the Autumn tidy up.

More than 5,000 people have subscribed to Castle Point Council’s new garden waste collection scheme….and now you can get your bin for half price!  Or a second if you need it.

Garden waste is collected weekly, all year round and the cost of the bin includes collections.

Subscribing now for just £15 means residents get a bin and weekly  collections until 31 March 2018. After that the bin will need to be re-subscribed. To subscribe visit

Bins can hold grass cuttings, hedge trimmings, plants and tree/shrub cuttings.

Residents who don’t wish to subscribe to the new service can continue to use garden waste sacks that are available from all of the libraries in Castle Point.  Sacks are £5 for a roll of 20 sacks.These are also guaranteed to last up to three weeks when full and have handles for easier tying.

An online shop is also available where residents can order bags and have them delivered straight to their homes – removing the need to collect them.

Garden waste can easily be recycled for use in the garden by home composting .Almost all garden waste – and some food waste – can be composted and is quick and cheap to do.  The bins are still available at a reduced price of £8.98 per composter. For more information on composting please visit

Alternatively garden waste can be taken to the Recycling Centre for Household Waste, Canvey Road, Canvey.

For more information visit, call 01268 882200 or email


Media Contact: For more information contact Carol Leach, Media Advisor on 01268 882427 or email