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Have your say on Castle Point's heritage

Preserving Castle Point’s built heritage will be a cornerstone in developing the new Castle Point Plan.

At a meeting on Thursday (May 18) Councillors commissioned work to ensure communities across Castle Point have their say on what buildings, monuments and other sites should be on the Council’s local heritage list.

The list details places which, while not nationally designated as heritage assets, are valued by local people as being of historical or architectural significance. As such, these buildings and spaces are given special consideration during the making of planning decisions.

The work complements other studies already being undertaken on, housing need, urban capacity, green space and wildlife sites, and infrastructure requirements. When complete they will form part of the detailed and up to date information available to the Council on every aspect of the borough as it develops the framework to inform where development should take place up to 2050.

Councillor Warren Gibson, Chair of the Castle Point Plan Board, said: “The Castle Point Plan will reflect people’s views on all aspects of where they live.

“Our heritage is an important part of what makes our communities what they are. It plays a huge part in creating the look and feel of our towns and is important to many in giving them a sense of pride and belonging.

“While some parts of our heritage are obvious and already protected, others are just as important but more hidden and do not have a special designation. That is why it is important that as many people as possible have their say into developing the local heritage list.”

When engagement opens on the heritage list, anyone interested in the historic environment or heritage in Castle Point will be able to make nominations as to what should be included via the Castle Point Plan engagement portal –  

If you would like to give you views and be kept up to date as the plan develops please email