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Help our Waste Collection Crews

Whilst many people have been following the Government’s instructions and staying home to save lives, our waste collection crews have continued to deliver a full waste collection service across Castle Point, and for this the Council, and I am sure all residents, offer those staff our greatest thanks.

 As we have stayed at home, many people have taken the opportunity to have a spring clean.  As a result, the amount of refuse we have collected has increased by 12%.  In addition to this, some people are putting out bulky items or DIY waste that would otherwise have been dealt with by the Bulky Waste collection service or taken to the Essex Recycling Centres, which are currently unavailable.

To help our waste collection crews continue to deliver a full black bag, pink bag, glass, food waste and green waste service, we would ask residents to only put out waste which really needs to be collected, and store any bulky or DIY waste until the Recycling Centres reopen and we are able to offer bulky waste collections again.

We thank and appreciate residents for their cooperation in this matter.

To find out more about how to support our Waste Collection Crews during this period, please visit: