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Oikos Marine and South Side Development

Oikos Storage Ltd are currently engaged in the preparation of an application for a Development Consent Order in respect of works to improve the operational efficiency of the existing site on Canvey Island.

A non-statutory consultation exercise, introducing the proposal, was undertaken by Oikos in 2019. The proposal is to be considered and determined by the Secretary of State for Transport.

In order to ensure that adequate opportunity is available to all residents and businesses on Canvey to be engaged in the process, it has been agreed that a link to the Oikos website will be provided from both the Borough Council and the Town Council websites.

Oikos have posted a Statement of Community Consultation on the Oikos website. This document sets out how consultation on the proposed development will be undertaken & includes details of the Project Exhibition and is available to view on Oikos’ website from now until the 18th May 2021.

Note: the consultation exercise is NOT being undertaken by Castle Point Borough Council - no details of the proposal are held by this Authority.

Any queries in respect of the consultation exercise or the proposal should be directed to Oikos via the Oikos website.  

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