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Remembrance 2020 Sunday 8th November - Wreath Laying

Wreath Laying

Remembrance 2020 Sunday 8th November - Wreath Laying

Castle Point Borough Council have today laid their wreaths at each of the war memorials in the Borough as their tribute to the fallen servicemen and women. 

Everyone and everything within Castle Point continues to be affected by Covid-19 and Remembrance Sunday and Armistice Day events are unable to go ahead as normal this year with no formal parades, wreath laying ceremonies or outside Church Services held around the Borough.

We encourage all residents across the Borough to ensure Remembrance Sunday and Armistice day is still marked appropriately by following National Remembrance events on television, online, or perhaps to remember the fallen by pausing for the Two Minute Silence in your home, or on your doorstep.

There are plenty more ideas of how to mark remembrance and you can also buy your poppy online and make donations by visiting the British Legion website.

Please ensure whatever you do you comply to the current national restrictions.