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Significant progress praised in LGA Health Check

The significant progress made in transforming Castle Point Borough Council (CPBC) into a modern, resident focused organisation has been recognised by the Local Government Association (LGA).

At a meeting of the Council’s Cabinet on Wednesday (17 Jan), councillors heard how a recent LGA “Health Check” described CPBC as being “a completely different organisation” to just a year ago.

The LGA report praised the Council’s staff reorganisation, its improved communications and comprehensive delivery of customer facing projects.

Cllr Dave Blackwell, Leader of Castle Point Borough Council, said: “This is a vindication of our administration’s vison for the organisation and testament to the hard work and dedication of our officers at every level of the Council.

“The changes in the structure of the organisation, while absolutely necessary, have meant it has not been an easy year for our officers. Despite this, as the report says, we have continued to deliver for our residents.

“We know there remains a great deal of work to do but this report shows we are on the right track. We have the right plans in place to deliver a modern Council with a dedicated and motivated workforce, which places residents and customers at the heart of everything it does.”

The report also acknowledged the challenges the Council faces and made recommendations on areas where the it could continue to improve, including ensuring all its strategy documents were up to date and further embedding working practices within its executive leadership teams.

Cllr Blackwell continued: “Where there are issues we are addressing them constructively and in an open manner.”