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By accessing our wide range of 24/7 online services
By emailing directly to the relevant service
By phoning First Contact on 01268 882200 (8.45am to 5.15pm Mon to Thurs, and to 4.45pm on Fri). 
By pre-booked appointment at the Kiln Road office (9.00am to 4.00pm Mon to Fri) - these can be arranged by phoning First Contact on 01268 882200.


To help support NHS Test and Trace, suppress COVID-19 and protect your loved ones download the NHS COVID-19 app on your mobile phone today. It will take less than a minute to help protect the lives of the ones you love.

The NHS COVID-19 app is available from both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

NHS COVID-19 APP Downlaod Now

Download the NHS COVID-19 app today

Working together as a community we have made great progress in Castle Point, but the virus is still in general circulation and is a threat to our communities and our families.

The app will help us understand how the virus is spreading in Castle Point so that we can respond quickly to stop it spreading further and save lives. Therefore, the more of us who download the app, the greater power we have to help contain the virus. By downloading the app you will be helping to protect your friends, your family and the communities in Castle Point.


About the NHS COVID-19 App

  • The app has a number of tools to protect people, including contact tracing, checking into venues through an in-built QR scanner, risk alerts by postcode, a symptom checker and test booking.
  • The NHS COVID-19 app is available across England and Wales, following positive trials in Newham, on the Isle of Wight and with NHS Volunteer Responders.
  • The app is part of the NHS Test and Trace service. It alerts people at risk of coronavirus, asking them to isolate before they potentially pass the virus on to others.
  • Following trials and rigorous testing, the app has proven to be highly effective when used alongside traditional contact tracing to identify contacts of those who have tested positive for coronavirus.
  • The more people that do the right thing by downloading and using the app, and then self-isolating when alerted, the more we keep each other safe and stop the infection rate rising. If you receive an alert telling you to self-isolate you are required to do so by law. A support payment of £500 for those on lower incomes who cannot work from home and lose out on income as a result is available. Find out more about Test and Trace Support Payments.

You can find out more information at NHS COVID-19 app

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Businesses and the NHS COVID-19 App

  • Businesses in the following sectors are required by law to display an official NHS QR code poster at their venue. This will make it easier for customers with the app to check-in and allow NHS Test and Trace to alert users and provide them with public health advice in the event of a coronavirus outbreak linked to a venue. The sectors are:
    • hospitality services, including pubs, bars, restaurants and cafés
    • tourism and leisure services, including hotels, museums, cinemas, zoos and theme parks
    • close contact services, including hairdressers, barbershops and tailors
    • facilities provided by Local Authorities, including town halls and civic centres for events, community centres, libraries and children’s centres
    • places of worship, including use for events and other community activities
  • Businesses and venues that are not currently expected to maintain visitor logs are encouraged to display official NHS QR codes if they have indoor areas where visitors are likely to congregate or sit-down in close contact for 15 minutes or more.  By using the NHS QR code system, businesses will be helping to protect themselves and their customers from the impact of the virus.

Advice for businesses on the NHS COVID-19 App can be found here:
Get Your Business Ready for the NHS COVID-19 APP LAUNCH [pdf] 194KB


The NHS COVID-19 App and Privacy

  • The app runs on proven software developed by Apple & Google and their privacy experts have completed a full review of the app.
  • The app is based on Apple & Google’s privacy-preserving technology.
  • Any data shared within the app is held on the user’s phone.
  • The app is designed to the highest standards of data privacy and data security. The app does not collect any personal information, uses low-energy Bluetooth (not GPS), and only requires the first half of your postcode to ensure local outbreaks can be managed.