Ready to rent

Ready to rent information for tenants and landlords

For tenants:

Basic Private Tenant Awareness Video - are you ‘ready to rent’?

The South Essex Private Housing Group have worked together to produce this basic private tenant awareness video, which has information and advice about renting in the private sector for anyone beginning, changing, or already renting privately.  Please click the link below to view the video.

Private Tenant Awareness Video

Remember: If you feel you are at risk of being homeless please contact the Council’s Housing Options service for housing advice and support.

For landlords:

Coordinated by four South Essex Local Authorities; Ready to Rent aims to encourage good practice in the private rented market by giving approval to lettings that meet a management code of practice and property standard.

Ready to Rent is available to Landlords of empty properties (including non-licensable HMOs) only.

Rewards and Benefits

Lettings in the scheme can benefit from the following incentives:

  •  All officers carrying out the inspections are experienced and fully trained under HHSRS
  •  A certificate of quality and professionalism for a period of 3 years
  •  Access to the Councils' bond and rent deposit schemes where available
  •  Confidence at the start of a tenancy that the property is free of category 1 housing hazards
  •  Certification may provide supporting evidence if faced with action under the Homes (Fitness for Humans Habitation) Act 2018.

The Ready to Rent Application form  gives more details about the scheme.
Fee : £300

Local Councils

If you would like to find out more or become an approved Ready to Rent Landlord, please contact your local Council Office listed below.

Rochford :

Castle Point :

Thurrock :

Basildon :

No guarantee is given by the Council that the property will satisfy the individual requirements of any particular tenant nor that the property complies with all current statutory requirements