Removal of Public Call Boxes

BT are of the opinion that the payphone is no longer needed in this area, and have assessed the use of the payphone using the criteria in Ofcom’s Review of the telephony universal service obligation.
British Telecom (BT) has placed consultation notices on the relevant payphone and has invited community groups, local residents and users of these boxes to make their views on the removal of the boxes known to the Council.
As part of the Community Consultation the council is also required to undertake consultation and your comments are required in respect of the phone box on three options:

  • to agree to the removal of the box
  • to adopt the call box for use by the local community (there is a small cost involved)  or
  • to object to the removal of the box

A decision needs to be made in respect of the box and needs to be justified in order to carry any weight.

Full guidance on the removal programme can be found on the following sites:


Public Call Box consulted on

Number: 01268792522

Address: Payphone At Junction Of Kents Hill Road North & London Road SS7 1BL

Total Calls last 12 months: 12

Closing Date

The consultation period closes on 29 September 2023. The council will review the comments and publish a draft decision, submitting a copy to the Secretary of State and BT. 
For further information please email


Phone Box Consultation

Note: Questions marked by * are mandatory