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Free Swimming Lesson Assessments Get a FREE Swimming Lesson assessment at Castle Point Leisure. 

Check your childs swimming ability to make sure they're in the right class. 

Book a free swimming lesson assessment and our brilliant teachers will let you know which level your child is straight away so you can go directly to reception to see what spaces we have available! 

Book your free swimming assessment online or in app now so you don't miss out! 

Adult & Child Swimming Lesson Free Trial

Free Adult & Child Swimming Lesson Trial

Interested in Adult & Child swimming lessons? Well we're offering a FREE swimming lesson trial before you buy with no obligation to join! 

Simply fill out the enquiry form on the link below to get started and get your child starting to learn a life skill that can save their life!

STA Swim Academy



Home Portal

Log into the Home Portal to find out about your child's progress, awards, instructor feedback and find out about your payments and class times all in one place. 

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STA Swim Academy

STA Swim Academy

Come and learn to swim with us in a safe and fun environment.

With our fantastic team of teachers, we have a class for everyone. From 6 months old all the way up to our adult swimmers.

Whether you are a complete beginner, a swimmer who needs to improve or a parent bringing their child swimming for the first time, we will ensure that you get a lesson that is catered to your needs.
Swimmers will progress through the levels when they are ready and will gain badges and certificates as they go.
We offer two payment options for our swimming lessons. Either payment via monthly direct debit or payment via 15 week block and you can join our lessons at any time (subject to lesson availability).

Enquire about joining our STA Swim Academy on the link below!

STA Swim Academy


Adult & Child Lessons

Adult & Child Lessons

Enjoy the water with your little one whilst they learn the fundamentals of swimming.

Using songs and games your child will develop specific motor skills required for swimming.

Unlimited FREE public swimming in all public sessions for your child.


Children's Swimming Lessons Image

Children's Swimming Lessons

Children from 4 years old will be grouped into lessons via ability:

Beginners First Steps :

  • Never had swimming lessons before
  • Unconfident in the water
  • Unable to float on front or back
  • Unable travel 5m on front or back

Beginners Plus :

  • Able to travel 5m on front or back
  • Submerge completely under the water
  • Jump from poolside safely

Swimmers :

  • Able to swim 5m front and back unaided
  • Tread water for 5 seconds
  • Demonstrate breast stroke kick



  • Demonstrate butterfly kick
  • Swim 10m on front
  • Swim breast stroke 5m


  • Swim 15m front and back
  • Demonstrate 10m butterfly leg kick
  • Scull 5m


  • Swim 25m front crawl, back stroke and breast stroke
  • Scull 10m front and back
  • Perform a sitting dive


Adult Swimming Lessons Image

Adult Swimming Lessons

If you are an adult looking for lesson, we can also help you.

From a new beginner who has never swum before, to those who swam as a child but want to regain their skills or to those who want some help with further technique and stamina, we have classes for you.

1-2-1 Swimming Lessons Image

1-2-1 Swimming Lessons

If you or your child are looking for a more personal approach to swimming, then we do offer 1-2-1 swimming lessons.

These are undertaken by our swimming instructors privately and we can direct your enquiry to them if this is something that would suit you.


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Waterside Swimming Lesson Timetable.pdf

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