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Sub-national Policy and Guidance

Sub-national Policy and Guidance
Reference Document Date Author
CP/09/001 South East LEP Strategic Economic Plan underway SELEP
CP/09/002 Thames Estuary 2100 Plan 2012 Environment Agency
CP/09/003 Thames River Basin Management Plan 2009 Environment Agency

Greater Thames Marshes Nature Improvement Area Business Plan

[Website no longer exists]

2012 Thames Estuary Partnership
CP/09/005 Greater Essex Integrated County Strategy.pdf [pdf] 1MB 2010 ECEA
CP/09/006 The Essex and Southend Waste Local Plan.pdf [pdf] 2MB 2001 ECC
CP/09/007 Essex Minerals Local Plan.pdf [pdf] 25MB 1997 ECC
CP/09/008 Essex Local Transport Plan 2011 2011 ECC
CP/09/009 Essex County Council Highways Development Management Policies.pdf [pdf] 4MB 2011 ECC
CP/09/010 Essex Vehicle Parking Standards Design and Good Practice.pdf [pdf] 5MB 2009 ECC
CP/09/011 21st Century Digital Essex 2011 ECC
CP/09/012 Essex County Council Adult Social Care Market Position Statement.pdf [pdf] 949KB 2012 ECC
CP/09/013 Essex Design Guide.pdf [pdf] 17MB 2005 ECC / EPOA
CP/09/014 The Essex Design Guide Urban Place Supplement.pdf [pdf] 9MB 2007 Essex Design Initiative
CP/09/015 Essex Sustainable Drainage Systems Design and Adoption Guidance.pdf [pdf] 8MB 2013 ECC
CP/09/016 Essex Commissioning School Places 2012-2017.pdf [pdf] 6MB 2012 ECC
CP/09/017 Essex Biodiversity Action Plan 2006 Essex Biodiversity Project
CP/09/018 Essex Living Landscapes Map 2010 Essex Biodiversity Project
CP/09/019 Land Affected by Contamination Technical Guidance.pdf [pdf] 806KB
for Applicants and Developers.pdf [pdf] 806KB
2007 Essex Contaminated Land Consortium
CP/09/020 Thames Gateway South Essex Planning and Transport Strategy.pdf [pdf] 933KB 2013 TGSE Partnership
CP/09/021 Thames Gateway South Essex Economic Growth Strategy underway TGSE Partnership
CP/09/022 Thames Gateway South Essex Green Grid Strategy - report.pdf [pdf] 7MB and plans.pdf [pdf] 16MB