The livewell campaign

The livewell campaign

The livewell campaign is designed to engage communities, families and individuals with the aim of providing information about all that is on offer in Essex to improve health and wellbeing. There is a real need to collectively find solutions that contribute towards wellbeing in order to reduce the cost to the NHS on social care and health. All Essex Local Authorities and our partners have come together to collaborate on the health and wellbeing agenda and work towards achieving better health outcomes for people across Essex.

As a marketing brand and communications platform livewell promotes the following health and wellbeing messages:

startwell – supporting children and families to get the best start in life.

staywell – working together with the community and professionals to ensure residents have access to the best clinical services.

feelwell – improving access to services that address mental wellbeing.

eatwell – raise awareness across the district about healthier eating and the importance of maintaining a balanced diet and maintaining a healthy weight.

bewell – encouraging more people to undertake regular physical activity, which will in turn produce longer term health benefits

agewell – encouraging people to look at improving their health and wellbeing now, to be able to lead a better quality of life in the future, and to provide opportunities for our elderly population to be more active during their retirement years.