What goes in your pink sack?

household plastic packaging logo

Plastic packaging

Please simply rinse these before placing in the pink sack.

Plastic Bottles - including bottle tops, simply squash bottle and replace

Y  soft drink bottles
Y  squash/cordial
Y  mouthwash
Y  milk bottles
Y  bleach
Y  cleaners (including trigger bottles)
Y  shampoo/shower gel
Y  yoghurt/pro-biotic drink (actimel, Yakult)
Y  medicine (take unused medicines to a pharmacy for disposal)

Plastic Trays

Y  meat (not polystyrene)
Y  fruit punnet
Y  salad tray
Y  sandwich container
Y  ready-meal tray
Y  take-away trays

Plastic pots and cases

Y  yoghurt (all types)
Y  margarine/butter tub
Y  vitamin pots
Y  sweet
Y  flower pots
Y  CD/DVD/VHS/cassette cases


Plastic we don't collect

N  plastic bags
N  plastic film (e.g. sweet wrappers, cling-film, shrink wrap etc)
N  bubble wrap
N  expanded polystyrene (e.g. fast food trays, packaging)
N  crisp packets
N  VHS or audio cassette
N  paint pots
N  coat-hangers
N  other plastics (e.g. children’s toys, garden furniture, Tupperware)


household metal packaging logo

food & drinks cans

Please simply rinse these before placing in the pink sack.


Y  all drink cans
Y  all food cans
Y  biscuit tins
Y  all aerosol spray cans (empty only)
Y  foil and foil containers


mixed paper & card logo

mixed paper & cardboard

If the cardboard does not fit in the pink sack this can be flattened and placed for collection under the pink sack



Y  newspaper & magazines
Y  unwanted mail & leaflets
Y  envelopes (all colours)
Y  window envelopes (no need to remove window)
Y  padded envelopes
Y  office paper
Y  shredded paper
Y  catalogues & telephone directories (all types)
Y  wrapping paper (not foil or ribbons)
Y  paper bags
Y  books (remove cover from hardback books)


Y all cardboard boxes (e.g. Corrugated, cereal, ready meal)
Y toilet & kitchen roll tubes
Y Christmas & Birthday cards
Y cardboard egg boxes
Y cigarette boxes
Y Beverage cartons & Cartons (e.g. juice, milk cartons etc)


Paper/Cardboard we don't collect

N wall paper
N sand paper
N tissue paper
N kitchen/toilet paper

Need more pink sacks?

Pink Sack

All pink sacks are FREE. There is no limit to the amount of sacks you can have as we want you to recycle as much as possible, these can be collected from:


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