What happens to your pink sacks?

Pink Sack Recycling

What happens after your pink sacks are collected?

1. Pink sack at front door    You place your recycling together in pink sacks, making recycling as easy as possible for you.      
2. pink sack Pink sacks are collected from you tiped at a transfer station in Rochford, they are then bulk hauled to a Materials Recycling Facility (MRF).
3. MRF in Action At the MRF all the materials are sorted back into the different materials and baled ready to be sent for recycling.
4. Materials recycled into other materials

The materials are then recycled back into new products, e.g. a new plastic bottle or a new newspaper ready for you to buy and use again. This takes place in UK and further afield

How is it recycled:


How a Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) works

Cans - how are they recycled?

Cartons - how are they recycled?

Paper -  how are they recycled?

Plastics - how are they recycled?