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What is Trade Waste?

Any waste that comes from a commercial activity is defined as Trade Waste . However small the amount of waste produced, it is all trade waste - that could be food waste from a take-away shop to a few cardboard boxes.

If you use part of your home to run your business then any waste from that part is business waste.


Your responsibilities

Y keep waste to a minimum by doing everything you reasonably can to prevent, reuse, recycle or recover waste (in that order)

Y sort and store waste safely and securely

Y complete a waste transfer note for each load of waste that leaves your premises

Y check if your waste carrier is registered to dispose of waste

Y make every effort to ensure your waste carrier is disposing of your waste at a licensed waste disposal site

Y You have extra responsibilities if you’re dealing with hazardous waste.


Is your business compliant with Trade Waste law?

  • All businesses, whatever size, must be able to produce a Waste Transfer Notice (WTN) to prove where all of their waste is being disposed
  • If a business cannot provide a WTN for all waste it can face a fine of up to £5000


No trade

Your trade waste cannot:

N be taken to any Recycling Centre for Household Waste - “the tip”

N be presented for collection with household waste

N be placed in a shared bin unless a Waste Transfer Notice is provided to each business using the bin

N removed by an unlicensed waste firm



Waste Transfer Notices - What are they?

Section 34 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 requires every business to keep a written record of waste transferred from their business, these records are known as Waste Transfer Notices.

A Waste Transfer Notices must contain the following information:

Y The quantity of waste and whether on transfer it is loose or in a container

Y If in a container, the kind of container

Y Time, date and place of transfer

Y Name and address of transferor and the transferee

Y Whether or not the transferor is the producer or importer of the waste, if so, which

Y The transfer is to a person authorised to transport the waste in question

Waste Duty of Care Code of Practice


Refuse Bin

Our Trade Waste Service

Castle Point Borough Council offer a Trade Waste collection service and can deal with a range of amounts of waste produced.  Offering collections from multiple times a week to fortnightly.
Trade sack Sacks Ideal for business that do not produce must waste or are limited on space
Trade 240 bin 240 litre bin H: 1070mm D: 740mm W: 570mm
Trade Bin 500 litre bin H: 1095mm D: 720mm W: 1250mm
Trade Bin 770 litre bin H: 1325mm D: 720mm W: 1250mm
Trade Bin 1100 litre bin H: 1370mm D: 985mm W: 1260mm

We will be able to help calculate your requirements.

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Download our full Terms & Conditions here:

Trade Waste Agreement TsC's Version 9 14 February 2022 [pdf] 173KB


Trade Waste Recycling

At the present time Castle Point Borough Council do not offer any recycling collections to Trade customers.