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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

In line with social distancing advice and to protect residents and staff the Council has taken the decision to close the Council offices to the public until further notice.

Whilst the offices are closed to visitors, you are still able to access services and information from this website 24/7.

Information and advice on coronavirus (COVID-19) and how to access Council Services during this period can be found on our Coronavirus information page

We ask that all residents #StayHomeSaveLives – see a Message from the Leader of the Council

About My Caddy


Can I get a second caddy?

Yes, simply contact us and we will deliver one to you.

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Can I use plastic bags to line my caddy?

No, the corn starch liners provided are compostable and will therefore fully disappear in the composting process. Plastic bags do not rot down at all. You can get more liners from any of the libraries in Castle Point, or simply line your kitchen caddy with newspaper.

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I am new to the area where can I get the Food Waste Caddies?

Contact the council on 01268 882200 or email, and the council will deliver the caddies to you free of charge.

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Where can I get more kitchen caddy liners?

These can be purchased at a small cost from the following places:

  • Castle Point libraries at: Benfleet, Canvey Island, Hadleigh, Tarpots
  • Runnymede Swimming Pool, Benfleet
  • Waterside Farm Sports Centre, Canvey Island

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What can I use to line my kitchen caddy?

There are two options:
1. To wrap food in newspaper, before being placed in the caddy
2. To use compostable liners

Residents will be supplied with a sample number of compost liners for their kitchen caddies (numbers still to be decided). Additional liners will then be available to purchase from any of the libraries within Castle Point.

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Do I have to use the corn starch bags to line my caddy?

You can use newspaper or not line your caddy at all, however, you must NOT use plastic bags as these cannot be composted!

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How can I clean my caddy?

It is a good idea to rinse your caddy with hot water on a regular basis. Occasionally you may wish to use washing up liquid but shouldn’t need to use any strong chemicals.

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What if I fill my food waste caddy before collection?

If you require a second external food waste caddy please contact us and we will deliver one to you. However, it may be possible for you to reduce your food waste which could also save you up to £50 a week on the food bill. For more information please go to

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Where can I store my caddies?

The external caddy can be placed outside. The smaller caddy can be stored in the kitchen, this will make disposing of your food waste quick and easy.

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Will it be ok to leave my caddy outside even in warm weather?

It is advisable to keep the caddy in a shady spot if possible. The lid on the external food caddy means that if left outside even in warm weather the smell will be kept minimal. Weekly collections will also help reduce the time caddies are left out in warm weather.

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I was given stickers in the starter pack what should I do with these?

There are two stickers:
This external caddy belongs to sticker should be placed on your external caddy along with your house name/ number.
What can I put in my food waste caddy? This sticker can be placed on your kitchen caddy, and is good for checking what food products can be composted.

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